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Movie HD App Download

For Android and iOS

Movie HD, an Android App is exclusively designed to allow the users download/stream the movies and videos on the Android & iOS devices. For years now, movies have been the finest form of the entertainment till now. People tend to get together and watch films by going to the theaters, be it on a date, or a family gets together or a weekend gets away. Being the best form of recreation, films not only recreate us but also entertain us with different genres. But, how far is it feasible in order to watch the films that we love every time by going to the screens? With the tight schedules that are enveloping us, not all of us have the fortune to access our favorite movies in theatres. Therefore, in order to rescue us from the tragedy; few streaming apps have been developed in the last 5 years and Movie HD App is one such amusing app with millions of movies to be streamed on your device, that too free of cost.

Movie HD App doesn’t ask you for any additional sign ups or subscriptions or in-app purchases. All you need to do is download the app and get hold of the free movies without asking you for a single dime from your wallet. With many smartphones invented, the usage of smartphones is driving the world. People started carrying smartphones even in their dreams and 80% of the smartphone user base compromise of the Android users. The Android OS right from the Jelly Bean to the latest Nougat have different features embedded in prominent smartphones like HTC, Samsung, One Plus, Xioami Therefore, with a feasible smartphone, a consistent internet connection; you can download the Movies HD App and stream/download all your favourite movies anywhere and anytime. In case if you have missed watching a particular episode of the TV Series at the time when is aired, you can always stream it on Movies HD App right after, when you have free time, however you will need Lucky Patcher APK for smooth control and avoid any glitch while using Movie HD App and things like KIK Messenger.

 About The Developers

Movie HD App is developed by a developer named Tuan of Asian countries. As we all know that most of the streaming apps are developed by the Chinese developers, the case is same with Movie HD App. The developer has developed the app in order to provide newly released movies and episodes of TV shows for people who doesn’t have time to go to theatres and people who often miss out the airing of their favourite TV shows because of the busy schedules they have. By using movie HD app, one can easily get hold of the latest movies, the latest episodes of the TV series and sitcoms in HD quality. All you need to do is download the APK version of Movie HD app on your smartphone, and with a consistent Internet connection, you can browse all the recent videos that too in English by avoiding the difficulty of browsing in Chinese or Japanese language.

Features of Movie HD App

It permits you to watch all the most recent films in HD quality in a short duration after the release. As this website acts as a portal, once someone has uploaded the film on the internet, you can have the access to it; listed on your site allowing you to stream/download it.

Other than allowing you to watch free movies and TV Series, Movie HD APK also allows you to watch the latest trailers of the movies that are released.

 It allows you to watch all the episodes of the TV series including the one that has been aired this week given that you haven’t watched the series for a long while now and wanted to catch up on it. All you need to do is stumble upon a series and you can have all the episodes listed out.

You can either download the movie or stream it based on your preference by setting the HD quality. If your bandwidth is high, you can watch the videos in 720P or 1080P and if it is low, you can watch the videos in relatively lower resolution.

It sorts  all the data  and arranges it in different categories based on genre,  IMDB ratings,  Name, Language, Title, Date of release, etc. Apart from the films and TV series, one can also view documentaries and all kind of video recordings as well.



It also allows you to favorite your favorite videos so that you can watch them later without stressing over them when you want to just go through the pleasant videos.

Movie HD APK Latest Version 4.4.2

After so many updmovie-hd-appates and fixing of bugs, the Movie HD APK is now available in the 4.4.2 version. If you’re wondering what made the app so popular; well it is because of the entertainment that it provides from anywhere just with a proper internet connection absolutely for free. It doesn’t even ask you to sign up or charge you for monthly or yearly subscriptions. It is compatible with multiple platforms and is constantly updated to give a better user experience. With thousands of downloads every day, it is light in weight as it is a portal and it doesn’t even need much storage space to run on your gadget. All you need to do is download it from a third party source and run it to stream the latest movies and episodes of TV shows.

How to Download Movie HD APK?

Download APK

As the app is developed under a model that violates google play store policies, it is not officially released on the Google Play Store therefore in order to download the Movie HD App, one has to download it from 3rd party websites where the app is available in the form of APK file. But the number of third party sites are increasing on the Internet day by day and it is not easy to find a trustable site without any malware attached to it. One such site is ours where you can download the Movie HD App without any hassles.

1. There are two ways to download the App from a third party source. One is either by opening the website from a mobile browser or by opening it from a web browser. In both cases, open the browser and enter the URL of our site.

2. Wait for the website to load and then find the link given below to download the Movie HD APK file. However before proceeding you need to allow your smartphone to download the files from unknown sources.

3. To do this, go to the System Settings and then access the Security. From there go through the drop down menu and find the option saying Unknown Sources. Check the box beside it to enable downloading files from third party websites. By doing this, you are trusting your smartphone with unknown resources.

4. Once you have done that access the notification bar to find the APK file that you have downloaded. In case, if you are using the web browser, transfer the Movie HD APK file to your mobile by using an USB cord, Bluetooth other options like ShareIt. After transferring, find the file and click on it to find the install option.

How to install Movie HD APK?


After downloading the movie HD APK file, you need to install it. It is recommended to follow the download procedure before actually installing the file. Making sure that you have downloaded the file, you need to install the app by tapping on the ‘Install’ option by agreeing to the terms and conditions and by following the step by step instructions. As the installation usually takes some time, make sure that you have consistent internet connection in order to avoid any kind of installation error or hindrance. Wait with patience till your installation is done. In case if you have any safety apps installed on your smartphone, it will display that the Movie HD APK is now safe to open. Go to the home of your smartphone and find a logo saying Movie HD APK on your tray menu. Click on it to launch it and use it.

Movie HD Alternatives for Android/iOS Devices

No matter how good the app is, it will sometimes become difficult to use the Movie HD app for not so obvious and unsolved issues. In such cases, it is important to know that there are many other alternatives existing in the market which provide the same services as Movie HD App for both the Android and iOS devices. While few of them are quintessential, few of them are just dupe, and it is important to have the knack in identifying their worth. Some of the apps that might give you an exquisite streaming experience are Movie Box, Cinema Box, Show Box, Play Box HD, MegaBox, Snaptube, Vidmate, 123 Movies, Netflix and Amazon Prime. Based on the gadget you have and the compatibility, you can go with any of the above mentioned apps in order to stream the films, videos and documentaries you love just like Movie HD App.

Movie HD Vs. Movie Box

Movie Box is not just any other application to stream movies but is an amusing service application for people who are film lovers. You don’t have to worry about watching unlimited films either on your Android or iOS device. Released for a while now, it has a vast domain of followers, and the database is constantly updated to make it a full-fledged app. There are films and TV shows covering each genre just like Movie HD. But, all these videos are from one source unlike Movie HD which acts as a portal and has the ability to collect more data than these single source based apps.

Movie HD Vs. Cinema Box

Another passage into the services that stream the films, TV shows; Cinema Box app has become popular recently. It has tonnes of new films that can entertain kids and elders equally and is accessible by both the Android and the iOS users. Talking about the highlights of the Cinema Box App, it acts the same as any other streaming app however, there are few new features in the recent updates especially for the iOS users. Launched by the same developers as PlayBox HD; it has got the similar functionality and is also a reliable alternative to the Movie HD given that not all the videos available are of HD quality.

Movie HD Vs. ShowBox

showbox download

We all know the Show Box, given that it is the most downloaded and used app in the streaming domain. It is because of the ease of the use and the user friendly navigation that it offers which made it desirable among other alternatives. It has got an immense database. The only reason why the users prefer Show Box is because it offers you free vouchers and helps you in saving the money. Though it is a paid app, it has a limit for unlocking the device and by earning the Show Box points you can redeem several gifts. Once the limit of Show Box points is reached, you can’t proceed further. It allows you to watch all your favorite shows like The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones covering all the seasons without any interruption.

Movie HD Vs. Play Box HD

playbox HD

Only compatible to use with iOS devices, this app is rather sophisticated and can be easily handled. It allows the Chromecast feature as well and therefore; you can watch several movies, anime, TV shows in the high quality. This indeed is the only app which provides HD quality like Movie HD where you can either stream or download the videos to your iDevice. It has language compatibility and supports all the subtitles for the movies. The best part is the Kids Mode which restricts a lot of content from the internet when given to the kid. All the newly released documentaries, movies, videos and trailers are constantly updated on the Play Box HD 2.2 version of the app.

Movie HD Vs. Mega Box

Claimed as one more HD video streaming app, it is only made available for the Android users as of now. It also has got an enormous database that allows you to find various videos to download and stream. Apart from that, the features of Mega Box include Chromecasting the videos to bigger screens, listing the videos on Android devices based on the category sorted out through various filters. Using this app, you can play the videos both offline and online. The app supports all the subtitles that are in the form of .srt and .ass files and also helps you in searching the suitable subtitles for the videos just like the MX Player. You can also share the WiFi to another device using this app which is a bonus when compared to Movie HD App.

Movie HD Vs. SnapTube

snaptube download

Well, unlike the apps that are mentioned above; SnapTube is an app which is equally popular but is different from the above apps. Here, in this app, you can download movies from YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Vimeo, VuClip or videos from Facebook with resolution varying till 2K. The app helps you in downloading the YouTube videos in audio format as well and therefore in one word; it also is your audio converter. It has a beautiful design with many exclusive features but the database is limited as mentioned above unlike Movie HD App.

Movie HD Vs. Vidmate

vidmate icon

Again a popular app and a website known for downloading songs, movies, videos without any distractions; Vidmate is used by many because of its known capacity to download unlimited videos. It has around 200 TV channels listed in one app and is best used for people who want to watch the daily soaps. Downloaded by millions of users, this app supports all the formats of videos just like SnapTube from YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion and Vimeo. It covers all the languages across the globe and one can even accelerate or deaccelerate the downloading speed of videos based on their bandwidth by choosing the resolution.

Movie HD Vs. 123 Movies

As the name says, the app contains all the films that are recently released but only in 1080P quality. As soon as a movie is released in the highest quality, it will be added to the app. The case is same with the latest episodes of the TV series where you can find them listed one after other based on the date of release. One can also find a list of Top IMDB movies of each genre. If you’re bored and want to watch something without having a clue what to watch, you can go through this list and have a quality time. The database is sorted with many filters like Name, Category, Actor, year etc and it also has trailers listed in its database.

Movie HD Vs. Netflix

Profound with the tag, Netflix and Chill; it is an online video streaming service which is the first of its kind available in many countries across the globe and is still not very accessible in some Asian countries. However, it is a paid service which charges you around £5.99 per month. You can access unlimited films from the catalogue it holds so that one doesn’t have to wait for the official DVDs to be released. The catalogue changes from one country to the other and the best part is that it includes many acclaimed TV series including Stranger Things, House of Cards, Suits, Game of Thrones, etc. All you need to do is keep subscribed to get hold of the content.

Movie HD Vs. Amazon Prime

The subscription cost of Amazon Prime varies from one country to another. Apart from providing free and fast delivery, the Prime Video is responsible for allowing you to stream movies and episodes of TV series absolutely for free. You can also subscribe to many other channels like the Showtime, AMC, Starz, etc. to stream the content on their channels. Apart from streaming your favorite videos, it also allows you to order third party apps to keep the favorite videos at a place so that you can add the content from say HBO Go and Showtime at one place and later watch it.

Concluding, Movie HD App is one such free-flowing and light app that collects the data from various sources on the internet and displays in front of you allowing you to either stream or download. The app is friendly and doesn’t require much knowledge to be operated. Therefore, one can easily download the app and use it on multiple platforms as mentioned above. In case if you have any issues in downloading the app following any of the above procedures proven that it is better than its alternatives analyzing the price vs. performance index, approach us in the comment section so that we can help you with a suitable answer by clearing your problem.