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The Movie HD APK can only be downloaded on iDevices that are jailbroken for example the iOS 8.1.3 to all the devices that have the iOS 8.4. As the iOS 9 and further devices restricted usage of Cydia on them, it is not possible to download Movie HD APK on them yet. However, the iOS developers are finding a way to develop the Movie HD iOS App that can be installed on the devices without jailbreaking them and below is a file that can be tried in that way. This procedure on the other hand, will talk about the jailbroken devices as of now. The Movie HD iOS App can be download in the form of .API file.

Before that there are few additional features of Movie HD App that you need to know about:

  1. Using the app, you can efficiently operate anything on the internet in the video domain and all the videos available on the internet can be easily accessed with the interface.
  2. The interface is extremely simple and user-friendly and it doesn’t need Robot Science for one to use the app.
  3. You can search for your all time favorite videos. For example, if you’re struck somewhere and if you want to watch Friends, Movie HD App is your rescue.
  4. It allows you to create your own playlist as I mentioned above from different Genres and allows you to play them.
  5. All the recent videos can be played/downloaded at a richer quality without any buffer time given that your internet speed if dependable.
  6. You can also DLNA or Chromecast the videos to bigger screens by installing the Local Cast App.
  7. Everyday, tonnes of videos are added to the database and therefore, you will always have new content to explore.

How to jailbreak the iOS device 8.1.3 – 9.1:

  1. Initially, start with backing the device and the date by using iTunes on your computer. Start with accessing the Settings and then go the Passcode. Turn it off. In case if you don’t have a passcode, you can skip this step and move to the next step.
  2. Now, go to the Settings again and access iCloud. Here, find the “Find my iDevice” and turn it to off. In case if you have not logged into the iCloud from your device, you can skip this step as well.
  3. After this, take your computer and download the TaiG Tool. Each version of the iOS will have different versions of TaiG Jailbreak tool and therefore make sure that you’re downloading the right version. Once downloaded, extract the tool and run it. Make sure that the Cydia on your device is checked. Now click Start.
  4. By doing this, you are jailbreaking the device. Wait for the computer to be done with the process and then you will have your iDevice restarted only to find Cydia installed after that.

Install Movie HD to iOS Device 8.1.3 – 9.1

  1. After jailbreaking the device, you can now install the Movie HD App on your iOS device. Open the Cydia that has been installed in the previous step from your home screen.
  2. From the menu, go to the option, ‘Sources’ and check the menu to find the “Edit” option followed by the “Add” option. Here, in the Add, enter the and press Add. After adding, tap on “Return to Cydia” followed by the “Done” button.
  3. Now open the “dthathemes Repo” from the menu and find “dta apps” in the drop down menu. Here, tap “Movie HD” and wait for the results to pop up. Once you have found the result, tap on it and then tap on the “Install” option. The iDevice will ask for your confirmation to download the app, tap “Confirm” to begin the installation.
  4. Wait for the installation to be done and when it is over, again tap on “Return to Cydia” to get the Movie HD App on your home tray menu.
  5. You can also uninstall Movies HD App, just by simply opening the Cydia again. This time go to the ‘Installed Apps’ and find Movie HD from there. Click on “Remove” and then tap on “Confirm” to uninstall the app.

Install Movie HD iOS App without Jailbreaking the device:

This application is only created to be utilised on the most recent iOS gadgets, and like thus, you can download it on iPhone 7, 6S, 6 Plus, iPad Air, iPod touch, iPad Mini, and so on.

  1. As the application is an outsider application, you can not get this application from the iTunes and App Store and have to download it from a third party source. Therefore, open the Safari program on your iDevice and enter the URL of this site in the URL bar and wait for it to load.
  2. If you come across any warnings while downloading the app, ignore them and continue with downloading the Movie HD iOS App from the below link. By clicking on the link, you can download the app prompting to the install page.
  3. In case if you have a password that controls your app downloading process, enter it and wait for the app to be installed. The website might redirect and take you to different pages where you will be asked to confirm the installation more than a couple of times. Proceed with that.
  4. Wait for few minutes for the app to be installed. Once the app is installed, you need to perform one more step to launch it and make it run.
  5. To do that access the System Settings>General and go to the Profiles & Device Management option. From there, find the developer of the App and then tap on it to ‘Trust’ the app. After trusting the app, open it and run it to use the app without jailbreaking your device.
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